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Homo sapiens
Homo sapiens
Mus musculus
Homo sapiens
Mus musculus
Homo sapiens
Mus musculus
Mus musculus
Homo sapiens
Mus musculus
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TF No. 442
FOXO1 (Human) By Miranda S. C. Wilson, Jan J. Brosens, and Eric W.-F. Lam
Updated September 3rd, 2009
Homo sapiens species » Winged Helix-Turn-Helix group » Forkhead Domain Family family
TF No. 551
hnRNPK (Human) By Michal Mikula and Jerzy Ostrowski
Updated August 25th, 2009
Homo sapiens species » Not specified group » Not specified family
TF No. 1030
TWIST1 (Human) By Farhad Vesuna and Venu Raman
Updated March 6th, 2012
Homo sapiens species » Zipper-Type Group group » Helix-Loop-Helix Family family