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Lmx1a is a member of the LIM-homeodomain subfamily (LIM-HD), characterized by two specialized protein binding zinc fingers, the LIM domains, located N-terminal of the DNA binding homeodomain[1]. Twelve mammalian LIM-HD proteins have been identified, which can be subdivided into six subgroups based on their sequence similarities[1].

Among the six subgroups, the Lmx subgroup has two members: Lmx1a and Lmx1b. Lmx1a was first cloned in hamster as a protein interacting with the E47 bHLH transcription factor to activate the insulin expression in pancreatic cells[2]. Lmx1a is widely expressed in the developing embryo, including the roof plate of the neural tube, the cerebellum, ventral midbrain, otic vesicles, the notochord and the developing pancreas[2][3]. Its roles in the developing nervous system have been studied in dreher mice which harbor mutations in Lmx1a[4]. dreher mutant phenotypes include hearing, pigmentation, skeletal, and neurological abnormalities associated with requirement of Lmx1a in these areas[5]. Embryonic studies of the dreher mutant CNS revealed that Lmx1a is required for roof plate formation in the spinal cord and the fourth ventricle[6]. The roof plate is a signaling center required to specify dorsal CNS cell fates. As a result of loss of the roof plate, dreher mice have abnormalities in the dorsal CNS development including abnormal specification and differentiation of spinal cord dI1 interneurons and severely disrupted cerebellar formation[7]. Lmx1a is both necessary and sufficient for roof plate development, since overexpression can induce ectopic roof plate[8][9]. Beyond the roof plate, Lmx1a has a role in specifying the fates of a subset of hindbrain rhombic lip cells which also significantly contributes to the abnormal cerebellar phenotype in dreher mutants[10]. A number of other roles have been defined for this genes in development. Lmx1a is required for specification of dopaminergic cells of the midbrain[11]. More recent studies have defined its role in the developing inner ear[12][13]. Lmx1a may also act as a supressor of metastasis[14].

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FIGURE 1 Schematic of LIM-HD proteins
LIM-HD proteins are characterized by two protein binding LIM domains located N-terminal of DNA binding homeodomain. Within the Lmx group, amino acid sequence of the LIM domains are 64% and 84% identical, and the homeodomain is 100% identical.
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